Ancient Brethren

“Before anything,
There was nothing.
And out of this nothing
Came the Ancients.”
- Inscription in Old Celestial above the Gates of Wisdom

The Ancient Brethren existed before any of the gods, and before any of the planes. The average person doesn’t even know of their existence, and anything that they may have heard relating to these entities comes from unsubstantiated rumors and legend.

The Ancient Brethren consists of five entities known to the most learned scholars. Their roles in the creation of the multiverse are mere speculation by these scholars, in conjunction with the cryptic clues given by the oldest of the Pantheon. Jazirian has also been known to cryptically corroborate some of the assumptions made by Delleb and his scholars.

Scholars count the beings below as being members of the ‘Ancient Brethren’, many through mere speculation.

Ancient Brethren

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