Bahamut is the god of justice, and one of the major deity powers. He, along with Boccob and the other Founders, restructured the Pantheon, forming it into the Pantheon of the current era.

Bahamut’s true form is that of a colossal platinum dragon, and is widely considered to be the god of metallic dragons. He is closely allied with Boccob and the other Founders, and his greatest adversary is his sister, Tiamat.

Bahamut and his metallic dragons fought on the side of the mortals during the First Dragon War, and was one of the only gods to do so. With the aid brought by King Tilenious’ founding of the Free Realms, they were able to band together to break apart the Chromatic Dragons, led by Tiamat.

Bahamut is one of the few gods who commonly wanders the Material Plane. When he does so, he tends to take the form of an old human peasant with a group of seven canaries circling him. These canaries are his closest allies, and are actually ancient gold dragons.

Bahamut’s primary residence is a large castle, which floats above the skies. He has the ability to move it between planes at will, but tends to keep it near the Citadel of Ice and Steel on the Elemental Plane of Air. When it’s not there, it tends to rest over the top of Mount Celestia.

Bahamut was imprisoned by Mok’slyk while in combat on the plane of Acheron, and remained that way for nearly two months. He was later freed from this prison through the use of a Wish ring by Mazis.

Bahamut’s followers attempt to make sure that justice is done at all costs. His dragon followers tend to be metallic, and they attempt to destroy evil wherever it’s found. His mortal followers tend to be paladins seeking justice, or clerics who aid those who have been wronged. His holy symbol is a dragon’s head.


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