Boccob is the Archdeity, presiding over the domain of magic. As the Archdeity, he has little time for the affairs of mortals, with the majority of his time spent watching over the gods. He spends most of his time within the Pantheon itself, and is one of the only deities to maintain a near constant presence there. At the times when he is elsewhere, he tends to frequent Mount Celestia, where many of the other Founders reside.

Despite the neutrality that being the Archdeity suggests, Boccob is closely allied with most of the other Founders, as he led the movement to reorganize the Pantheon. His greatest enemy is Tharizdun, as Boccob was the one who sealed him away. To make sure that he stays that way, Boccob always carries the Facet of the Gods on his person, as a final safeguard against Tharizdun’s freedom.

According to Briathos, Boccob was the one who secretly raised him to godhood, in order to safeguard the Facets against those who would attempt to free Tharizdun from his prison.

Boccob’s followers are elites, handpicked by the High Priest from the ranks of other deities’ followers (with the consent of the Archdeity himself, of course). The current High Priest of Boccob is Aelomic, who currently resides in the Temple of the Divines. Prince Kalladin of House Anderdell was aiming to become one of Boccob’s paladins, and he began by serving Pelor (until his corruption by the Xammux in Blackreach). His followers attempt to keep the world in order, many of them through the research of various magics. Above all else, his worshipers fear a second coming of Tharizdun, who has been the only one close to usurping Boccob’s power.

His holy symbol is an eye within a pentagon.


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