Celestian is the god of stars, space and wanderers. He is among the oldest of the gods, along with his twin brother, Cyndor.

Celestian is one of the major deity powers, as his domain is space itself. He is typically viewed as a wandering god, and supposedly spends a great deal of time in the Astral Plane, searching for something unknown to mortal scholars. He is said to rarely assume a mortal avatar (as is the custom for many other deities), appearing only as a shimmering light when he chooses to interact with mortals.

According to legend, Celestian and Cyndor were born of the thoughts of the twin serpents, Jazirian and Ahriman, after the formation of the multiverse. It is unclear if these legends have any substance, as this would mean that Celestian and Cyndor have existed through each and every Pantheonic Age since the Ancient Brethren ruled the multiverse.

Due to his wandering nature, Celestian has few close friends among the gods. His only true ally is his brother Cyndor, and Cyndor’s allies would likely aid Celestian if need be. He had previously been close with Aoskar, before his death at the hands of the Lady of Pain. Celestian, who had formerly frequented Sigil often, has sworn that the Lady of Pain will fall, making her his greatest adversary.

Celestian’s followers tend to be wandering scholars, many of them studying the stars or searching for ancient knowledge. The few permanent temples to Celestian that exist tend to function as observatories, with his clerics marveling over the vast expanse of Celestian’s domain. Celestian’s holy symbol is an array of seven stars, inside a crescent moon.


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