Cyndor is the god of time, infinity, and continuity. He is among the oldest of the gods, along with his twin brother, Celestian. He is said to have a romantic relationship with Istus, and has one daughter, Lyris.

Cyndor is one of the major deity powers, as his domain is time itself. Cyndor is typically viewed as the guardian of the time-space continuum, and he concerns himself heavily with its preservation. It is said that if any deity knows of other multiverses, Cyndor would be the one. In order to preserve the sanctity of the continuum, he works closely with Istus and Lyris, as well as with The Fates. When he chooses to take the form of a mortal avatar, he tends to show himself as an old man, with a long white beard.

According to legend, Celestian and Cyndor were born of the thoughts of the twin serpents, Jazirian and Ahriman, after the formation of the multiverse. It is unclear if these legends have any substance, as this would mean that Celestian and Cyndor have existed through each and every Pantheonic Age since the Ancient Brethren ruled the multiverse.

Unlike his brother Celestian, Cyndor has many friends among the gods. He is said to be among Boccob‘s closest advisors, and works closely with the Founders. He and his daughter, Lyris, have a good relationship, even though he and her mother, Istus do not always get along. Cyndor’s need to safeguard the space-time continuum causes him to differ in opinions from Istus, who enjoys watching mortals play out their fates, no matter the cost to the multiverse.

Cyndor’s followers believe heavily in predestination, that they are simply following the path that Cyndor sets before them. Clerics of Cyndor are relatively rare, but those that exist are said to be able to see through time (and even fewer are said to have the ability to travel through it). Cyndor’s holy symbol is an hourglass turned on its side.


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